Victims of Crime Services

Our dedicated staff at Healing Pathways have helped victims of crime work through the stress and trauma of victimization. We are skilled in providing stress management techniques and trauma recovery treatment. We have assisted many individuals and families to find their way after their world has been turned upside down. We can guide you in finding your strength at a time when you may be feeling powerless.

*  Individual Adult Psychotherapy
*  Individual Child Psychotherapy
*  Family Therapy
*  Couples Therapy
*  Stress Management Counseling
*  Neuropsychological Testing for Head Trauma Victims
*  Psychological Testing
*  Collaborate with Law Enforcement and Legal Counsel

Are you Feeling….

*  Stressed?
*  Exhausted?
*  Powerless?
*  Overwhelmed?

…We Can Help You

*  We Can Help You with Effective Solutions.
*  You will get Results.

Insurance Billing Assistance Available
Insurances Accepted:
State Victims Compensation Claims