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The Healing Power of Sound

Presented by Dr. Leona Kashersky, Psy D, and Nicolina Santoro, MA

crystal_singing_bowlsCrystal Singing Bowls Mind/Body Connection
Healing Pathways is very excited to bring you the crystal bowls to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. The bowls are pure crystal and tuned to specific frequencies and chakras to enhance the meditators experience, taking you deeper into meditation. Most ancient cultures used the magical power of sound to heal and to bring the body back into resonant balance. Regardless of your level of meditation practice, the crystal bowls will assist you in reducing stress, anxiety, and pain, promote happiness, peace of mind, and help you hear the music of your life-purpose.
Given our background in evidenced-based healing, Healing Pathways is presenting this ancient practice of crystal singing bowls with the modern principles of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). This fusion of past, present and future is sure to enhance your inner work of integrating your heart and mind.
Come and learn to open up to your deeper wise self while resonating with the healing sounds of the crystal bowls. Regardless of your level of meditation practice you will be able to experience a richer grounding, healing and/or connection to your higher source. Meditators of all levels are welcome to come and enjoy this unique meditative experience. Feel free to bring a blanket and pillow for the meditation portion of the program.

drum_circleHealing Mantras & Rhythm
The shared journey of drumming and chanting in groups is observed to facilitate a space of connectedness and consciousness among its members while alleviating common feelings of isolation, social fear, and inhibition by awakening the authentic power of our own unique voice.
The auditory experience of rhythm can provide a platform for people to experience personal, interpersonal, or spiritual connection through a universal practice that has been used by all cultures in some form or another. Through this connection, a space is created to access the deepest parts of our human experience.

This group meets once weekly for 12 weeks, beginning Wednesday September 21st, 2016 from 5 to 6:30 pm
Cost: 45$ per 1 ½ hour session. Insurance may apply if contracted with Healing Pathways Psychological Services
Location: Asha Yoga 2421 27th St, Sacramento, CA 95818, Child care available at Healing Pathways office for 5$ Donation!
To Register for the 12 week series. Please Contact Dr. Leona Kashersky lkashersky -at- live -dot- com, or Nicolina Santoro ncahouette -at- gmail -dot- com.

Social Skills groups for children and adolescents diagnosed with high functioning Autism

Healing Pathways Psychological Services is hosting THREE groups that are open for new members:
1. An experiential learning group for children 10 to 17 with high functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
2. A socially-based, skill-share, and education-share group for adults 18+ with high functioning ASD.
3. A group for those ‘neurotypical’ loved ones who are interested in sharing experiences, supporting one another, and refreshing their own knowledge and skills in the area of ASD.
CALL 916-595-SAFE (7233) or email lkashersky -at- live -dot- com for more details.

Life/Social Skills groups for adults diagnosed with high functioning Autism

Meets Monday Evenings

Call 916-595-7233 for more information

Feed Your Soul: An Embodied Movement for Young Women

New Series in the Fall, Stay Tuned!

Classes were at The Yoga Workshop but ended July 29, 2014.


  1. Reduce stress through self-care and mindfulness practice ~ expand your experience of peace and happiness.
  2. Meditation psychotherapy (talk therapy, gentle yoga, and meditation training).
  3. Learn the elements of the human condition that contribute to your experience of balance and happiness.
  4. Process concerns that relate to your developmental stage. Discuss your transition into adulthood and your thoughts and feelings related to this transition.
  5. Focus on celebrating your changing body and all the pleasure and power it possesses.
  6. Build your self-confidence through exploration and acceptance of your own unique center.
  7. Commune with other young women in a supportive environment.

Psychologist Dr. Leona Kashersky, of Healing Pathways, is teaming up with Physical Therapist and movement expert Bella Dreizler of BodyJoy for an exciting body-soul-movement series at The Yoga Workshop in East Sacramento. Young women, ages 13-18, are invited to participate in a journey of embodiment and empowerment, with the goal of arriving at the ultimate soul food: self fulfillment. We won’t be sitting in a classroom! This experiential class series will use movement, breathing and stillness to help participants arrive at their own unique center. And it’s all happening at The Yoga Workshop, a beautiful new studio in East Sacramento near McKinley Park.

The Yoga Workshop is located at 3610 McKinley Blvd, East Sacramento.


Building Connections for Ages 10-17

Building Connections
group Ages 10-17
(Students with high functioning autism)

Building Connections for Ages 10-17 offers young people on the high end of the autism spectrum (or ADHD) the opportunity to connect with their own bodies, build spatial awareness, and connect with others in a social class.

Learn to:
1. Connect & Relate
2. Stay Connected
3. Eat Mindfully
4. Move with Friends!

Healing Pathways has procured a large room at the Asha yoga studio located directly behind the Healing Pathways office. This is a wonderful place to build all of these connections. Our group activities are inspired by the martial art of spinning poi, group yoga games, and stretching comfort zones with phone and social media communications! Poi spinning is an ancient Maori tradition used as a training method to increase strength and flexibility. Because poi is often spun with other people, spatial alacrity, mirroring movement, and coordination can grow from the awareness of our place in proximity to other people.

Email lkashersky -at- live -dot- com for registration details.

Class is weekly:
The first 30 minutes of our group journey will take place at the Healing Pathways office: at 2710 X Street, Sacramento CA.
Students will transition to Asha Yoga studio after a socially oriented snack time that will include autism/ADHD friendly dietary choices.

While our young students are busy building connections with their bodies and their peers, parents are invited to learn how to best support their children through their development and build connections with other parents.

Begins: Thursday September 22nd 4-5:30 pm
Ends: Thursday December 15th

Building Connections for Adult Loved Ones



  • Building Connections (for loved ones of those on the autism spectrum)
  • Caring for young or adult children with autism?
  • Living with a loved one on the spectrum and you want to understand them?
  • Join our 12 week series


We will be focused on 3 main areas of learning:

1. Connection & Discipline
2. Education
3. Nutrition

Our Connection & Discipline segment will include the work of the Mindsight Institute, leading practitioners and researchers in Interpersonal Neurobiology. We will use the literature in ‘Brainstorm’ and ‘No Drama Discipline’ to coach you through practical solutions to everyday challenges.

**You will learn that according to current and progressive parenting principles, discipline does not mean punishment, rather we focus our thinking on DISCIPLINE = TEACHING!

Our education portion will teach you how to navigate school districts and advocate for your children’s needs at school.

Our nutrition section will explore cutting edge innovation in theory and in validated research regarding autism and nutritional support. This knowledge can arm you with the tools you need to reduce behavioral symptoms and assist with managing common gut related inflammation common for those on the autism spectrum.

Location: Healing Pathways Office, 2710 X Street, Sacramento, 95818
Email: lkashersky -at- live -dot- com for registration details. Some insurances accepted, please inquire.
916-595-SAFE (7233)

Begins: Thursday, September 22nd 4-5:30 pm
Ends: Thursday, December 15th

At Work and Play

Finding Success, Creativity, and Resilience in Stressful Times
Presented by Dr. Leona Kashersky

How is the current economy and job market effecting your emotional well being? How are you cultivating your inner resources to build the flexibility to weather the storm? Do you feel your roots firmly planted, giving you the strength you need to stand strong in this changing climate or do you feel those firmly planted roots keeping you stuck in routines and patterns that are weighing you down and limiting your growth?

Equip with education, support, and resources you will have the tools you need to face life changing decision points. These stressful times can be a useful tool, inspiring mobilization and readiness for change.

This workshop will help you identify the tools you’ll need to rise to the challenge of change, and lead you to discover within yourself the qualities you’ll need to thrive at work, home, and in your relationships.

Monday Evenings 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
8 week workshop

$40 per class
$240 for pre-registration
Pre-registration provides 2 classes free!

Must call ahead to attend.
Call for more information: 916-595-7233