Riah Skrinnik, M.S., Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

Riah Skrinnik, M.S., Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #3532

When an individual undergoes a devastating traumatic incident, it is common for them to feel as if everything is falling apart around them. Trauma is not a lonely experience, and it is not just an isolated incident. Trauma often generates a rippling effect beyond the parties that are directly involved. It is a stubborn root that forms its influence from an individual to family, from family to community and even across generations. Riah’s greatest desire is to witness individuals who have been exposed to traumatic experiences to grow and heal through effective therapy and soulful treatment. As a therapist, she provides a calm, honorable, yet powerful approach highlighting the organic way that allows people to access their inner wisdom of healing when dealing with symptoms of trauma for life’s daily challenges.

After over 15 years of experience within the private and public sectors, Riah has partnered with industrial and corporate businesses which has aided her greatly in the development of a unique way of meeting people where they are at—getting to the heart of the matter while developing a great deal of compassion toward the resolution of any difficulties.

Riah graduated from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) with a Master of Science in Career Counseling Education. As a private entity, Riah has helped people find rewarding careers by identifying their work skills, strengths, and values which highlighted their abilities. Then, she decided to further her education within the professional clinical counseling field. Now, as an associate clinical therapist, she continues to increase the effectiveness of her clinical experience by further expanding her knowledge with additional training and conferences. Through some of these supplementary training, she has obtained a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro-linguistic Studies and a Master Class level in Brain-spotting Training.

Riah’s uses a variety of clinical approaches personalized into trauma-informed recovery modalities to create an interactive, integrative, and supportive approach. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); dialectical behavior therapy (DBT); and solution-focused, psychodynamic therapy—client-centered, systemic approaches that consist of understanding problems in a contextual framework with an emphasis on shifting the existing dynamics of relationships on individual, families, and work settings levels. She provides therapy for both adults and teens in the treatment of depression, self-injurious behavior, anxiety disorders including OCD, other experiences of trauma, sexual/physical abuse histories, attachment issues, developmental trauma, and PTSD.

Riah also provides her clients with psychoeducation and help them realize that traumatic distortions can be accurately traced back to a central incident, or series of events. Finding this source is especially important for clients so they can safely access the bottom line of traumatic residues that allows for a healthy process of restoration. Her training allows her to utilize brain-spotting that reduces unwanted impulses and promotes homeostasis of emotional and physiological responses. By integrating multiple ranges of theoretical approaches, Riah collaborates with people based on their original somatic functioning and offers treatment that fits personal mind-body connection to help clients thrive and find authentic completeness and tranquility.