Jennifer Knight, BCTMB, CPNMT

Jennifer Knight, BCTMB, CPNMT
Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology

Jennifer Knight, BCTMB, CPNMT, is a doctoral student in clinical psychology whose primary research interest is the mind-body, or psyche-soma, connection. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at U.C. Davis, Jennifer worked as a lab assistant in the Trainor lab advancing psychobiology research, and in the Disbrow lab focusing on Parkinson’s disease.

Throughout her 15-year career as a neuromuscular therapist, Jennifer observed phenomena not readily explained by physiology. These observations prompted her to continue her education in clinical psychology within the human sciences. The human science approach includes perspectives from indigenous psychology, ecopsychology, and depth psychology, with an emphasis on social justice. Jennifer is currently completing her final year of doctoral coursework at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

As a therapist, Jennifer incorporates both evidence-based practices and depth-oriented perspectives, because she believes that each approach is equally valid. Balancing these different theoretical orientations requires ongoing reflection, and a critical examination of what the soul of each individual, family, and community is calling for. Each person’s path to well-being is unique, and Jennifer is dedicated to facilitating that process every step of the way.

Jennifer is grateful to be a part of the stellar team at Healing Pathways Psychological Services as a clinical psychology trainee under the expert supervision of Dr. Leona.

In her leisure time, Jennifer enjoys her family, her dogs, meditation, yoga, hiking, traveling, and communing with nature.