Mayumi Elk Eagle, M.A., AMFT, APCC

Mayumi Elk Eagle, M.A., AMFT, APCC
AMFT #92979

Mayumi Elk Eagle has been an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor since 2016. She is currently gaining hours toward licensure under Dr. Kashersky’s direct supervision.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science in Japan, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Oglala Lakota College in South Dakota, which is run by the Sioux tribe of Native Americans. She completed her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) in Palo Alto.

She can speak and understand Japanese and English fluently. She partially understands Lakota (Sioux) language because she lived in the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where she learned about the Lakota traditional way of life. Since establishing her home in the U.S., she has been continuously studying U.S. history and society from various angles.

After she came to California, she worked at a chemical dependency treatment facility, and she is developing more skills to specialize in trauma and addiction. She has also worked with couples and children. She recognizes that childhood traumas affect our mental, emotional, and physical health, even though those traumas are subtle and unnoticed, as Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACEs) shows.

Moreover, Mayumi also understands historical or generational traumas. Through her experiences, she knows that it is sometimes challenging to adjust yourself to a new environment and different culture. It also can be an eye-opening experience, and she embraces and honors cultural diversity and different traditions.

She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing(EMDR) and Brainspotting and utilizes other somatic modalities, including art therapy. She recognizes that, although medications may be helpful for the short-term, it is most important to learn how to maintain your balance in your body, mind, and spirit. She thinks that healing needs to happen from deep inside of us.

Mayumi practices yoga and mindfulness meditation regularly and likes to stay active and enjoys Jazzercise classes. Most of all, she enjoys spending time outdoors and being in nature.