Opening Ourselves to the Mature Masculine

Have you ever felt…

  • Unsure whether you have the right relationships or how to deepen them?
  • Afraid of intimacy, but longing for authentic connections?
  • That there is a leader hidden deep inside you, but remains out of awareness?


There is a crisis in masculinity in our modern world, in large part because of the lack of mature role models in families, communities and societies. The feminist movement is often seen as a rejection of masculinity, but in reality, it rejects immature masculinity. Men (and women) long to free the blocks to their authentic masculine power, outwardly and inwardly, and are searching for the tools to help them rediscover and extend their complete selves.

Healing Pathways Psychological Services has created a safe space for you to garner support and share stories from the heart. We invite you to come connect with purpose during our 17-week psychoeducation and process support group for men.

With support and encouragement, we will:

  • Learn how to create emotional safety for one another and ourselves
  • Reorient ourselves from an outer life to an inner life focus
  • Discover how mindfulness can help build real intimacy in our relationships
  • Express our true purpose and mature masculine power


For more details, funding options and/or to register call 916-595-SAFE (7233).

(Each attendee is required to interview prior to attending.)