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By Dr. Kristin Kaminski, PsyD

One of the unique core values held by the director and staff of Healing Pathways is the dedication to community. The practice participates in many different community events and strives to model an inclusive and transparent environment within its walls and in the surrounding community. Given this dedication to community, it felt appropriate to introduce myself to our online community.

With that I would like to say, “Hello, I am Dr. Kristin Kaminski and I am very happy to meet you.”

Children are my passion. When I looked back on my life, I felt the most fulfilled in jobs where I was working with children. I decided to return to school to become a psychologist in order to help children and families in crisis. My education was focused on building the skills needed to support families. I gained specialized training in play therapy, infant and toddler mental health, school psychology, applied behavioral analysis and pediatric neuropsychology. Now as a member of the Healing Pathways team, I feel so fortunate to be able to use these skills with my pediatric clients and their parents. I truly believe every parent is trying their very best when raising their children. Sometimes, we as parents need support when facing difficult child behavior, divorce, trauma, and sometimes life. I hope all parents I work with feel supported and know I care about their child.

As is commonly said in the infomercial world… “But, that’s not all!”

Through my education and life experience, I found I also very much enjoy working with adults, particularly older adults. I have had the pleasure of working with adults with different dementias and traumatic brain injuries. Though very different from my pediatric clients, the unique lives of each adult client and the stories of resiliency fill my bucket with hope and perspective. Many times a neuropsychological evaluation is conducted to better understand an older adult client’s strengths and challenges. The intellectual side of my personality, loves working through the evaluative process or reviewing an evaluative report to create a treatment plan for these clients.

I love the career I chose; the hard work has been worth it. Still it is only part of who I am.

At home, I am the mother of two young boys, who keep me active and humble. For fun I enjoy endurance running, cycling, reading and dancing. I also love food (this is one of the reasons I have to run so far). When I need some brain candy, I turn to comedies or action movies.

Thank you for allowing me this time to introduce myself. Stay tuned for more posts focused on children and geriatric psychology. I am truly looking forward to sharing all of this information swirling around in my head!

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