Harvey Hyman, M.S., Mental Health Counselor

Harvey Hyman, M.S., Mental Health Counselor
Mental Health Counselor

Harvey Hyman, M.S., is a mental health counselor at Healing Pathways Psychological Services. He is currently gaining hours toward licensure as an LPCC under Dr. Kashersky’s direct supervision.

Harvey obtained his Master’s of Science degree in mental health counseling from Capella University where he graduated with highest honors. Prior to going back to school to become a psychotherapist, Harvey worked as a lawyer in solo practice for 25 years representing clients in personal injury lawsuits. Between retiring from law practice and returning to school, Harvey published a book for lawyers on how to handle stress, avoid burnout, and receive help for problems like anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse. Harvey also learned and practiced meditation at a Tibetan Buddhist institute in Berkeley, CA.

While in graduate school, Harvey developed a strong interest in the causes, symptoms, and treatment of psychological trauma. After graduating with his MS, Harvey obtained formal training in two types of trauma therapy – EMDR and brainspotting . He also received training in mindfulness and self-compassion, which are excellent tools for clients who battle with impulsivity, self-criticism, and shame. Harvey is currently training in a new approach to trauma healing called Compassionate Inquiry, which is body-based and focuses on physical sensations and feelings in the client’s body. Prior to joining Healing Pathways, Harvey interned for nearly two years at a rehab facility for adults who coped with childhood trauma by means of addiction to alcohol, drugs or both.

Harvey believes that anyone who comes to therapy has some form of emotional imprinting from childhood that left her with a residue of fear, anger or grief, which causes ongoing problems with self-image, mood, and/or behavior. Harvey works to help clients access, process, and resolve this old pain so they can live their best lives. To live one’s best life, is to fully and enjoyably express the gifts, talents, and strengths you were born with but have not used because you believe you don’t deserve love, success or happiness. To live one’s best life is to stop oscillating between past regrets and future worries so you can live in the present with self-confidence, healthy self-love, and self-compassion for those times when you fail at achieving a goal or others wound you. To live one’s best life is to be open and vulnerable enough to have satisfying, intimate relationships.

Away from the office, Harvey spends time with his wife, his two adult children, and his Australian Shepherd Willow. He loves meditation, bicycling, gardening, cooking, baking, reading, travel, and film. He is a huge fan of humor in all forms including jokes, stand-up comedy, TV shows like SNL, and funny movies.