Feed Your Soul: An Embodied Movement for Young Women

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New Series in the Fall, Stay Tuned!

Classes were at The Yoga Workshop but ended July 29, 2014.


  1. Reduce stress through self-care and mindfulness practice ~ expand your experience of peace and happiness.
  2. Meditation psychotherapy (talk therapy, gentle yoga, and meditation training).
  3. Learn the elements of the human condition that contribute to your experience of balance and happiness.
  4. Process concerns that relate to your developmental stage. Discuss your transition into adulthood and your thoughts and feelings related to this transition.
  5. Focus on celebrating your changing body and all the pleasure and power it possesses.
  6. Build your self-confidence through exploration and acceptance of your own unique center.
  7. Commune with other young women in a supportive environment.

Psychologist Dr. Leona Kashersky, of Healing Pathways, is teaming up with Physical Therapist and movement expert Bella Dreizler of BodyJoy for an exciting body-soul-movement series at The Yoga Workshop in East Sacramento. Young women, ages 13-18, are invited to participate in a journey of embodiment and empowerment, with the goal of arriving at the ultimate soul food: self fulfillment. We won’t be sitting in a classroom! This experiential class series will use movement, breathing and stillness to help participants arrive at their own unique center. And it’s all happening at The Yoga Workshop, a beautiful new studio in East Sacramento near McKinley Park.

The Yoga Workshop is located at 3610 McKinley Blvd, East Sacramento.