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Created in 2007 with a vision for integrated family and community health, holding true to evidence based healing, including holistic practices that have been been used since antiquity.

Supporting the balancing of ones’ mind, body, and spirit with daily practices of mindfulness, bodywork, and community building.

Connecting you with your body through yoga, dance, and somatic experience, enhancing your journey towards self-actualization and ecstatic living.

Call us today to invite us on your personal journey and the deepening of your roots.

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Healing Pathways Psychological Services has been serving as a group in the Sacramento area offering trauma informed recovery plans including modalities like EMDR and Brainspotting. We practice from an ecosystemic perspective. This means that we see individuals as deeply interconnected with the world around them. As individuals living in the wider world we must interact with each other, attending to the health of our inner life and the health of our personal and public relationships. We must learn how to balance inner and outer peace with inner and outer freedom. An ecosystem is a functional unit of very dynamic and complex symbiotic relationships. The health of this unit depends on ensuring that none of its components are overexploited or depleted beyond renewable levels.

At Healing Pathways Psychological Services we approach the delivery of mental health care holding these principles as key in healing and growth. As such, social justice and advocacy work are part of the delivery of effective mental health care. We, at Healing Pathways, are proud to join with our community in celebration and in action on our collective healing journey that will continue to change the entire world!

We Honor:
• The unique strengths and challenges of our clients while working to enhance their life skills, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships
• Our mission is to assist our clients in remaining active in their family and community as a function of their own wellbeing

We Value:
• Our passion and commitment to client wellbeing
• Being flexible and creative in our efforts to help clients
• Integrity in all our interactions

I hope you find this website helpful in your search for the right person to help you with your counseling or consultation needs.
I am conveniently located in downtown Sacramento, offering workshops and group activities, as well as couples, career, educational, grief, depression, anxiety, and child counseling.

Dr. Leona Kashersky, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist #20662

“Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” ~ Rumi