Patient Resources

Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis

With our nation going into so many unknowns, it is essential that we support our clients and each other with the necessary resources to get through this COVID-19 crisis. Please take a look below:

Managing Anxiety Amid a Pandemic

It’s only natural for people to be on edge when news of a pandemic hits. While, for many, this can call for an increase in sanitary measures and caution, focusing excessively on anything is never a good thing. Widespread media coverage can easily cause fear and stress in anyone, so it is important to maintain levelheadedness. There are many ways to combat anxiety amid an outbreak… Read More

Social Distancing and Mental Health

Social distancing, the practice of avoiding large groups and close contact with others to protect the spread of disease to vulnerable groups, has become a commonly used phrase during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much extra time spent at home, some may find themselves anxious and/or restless. While we may miss a lot from being out and about or adhering to our typical daily routines, being at home does not need to be so painfully dull…. Read More

Coronavirus in College Series

Healing Pathways has partnered with by sharing resources that may be useful for students looking for advice and guidance. Their Coronavirus in College Series by delves into maintaining mental health during a period of turmoil, how to cope, as well as how to prepare for the coronavirus. Please take a look below:

Mental Health Screening Links: