Dr. Jennie-Lorena Thomas, Psy. D.

Dr. Jennie-Lorena Thomas, Psy. D.
Psychological Assistant

Dr. Jennie Lorena Thomas, Psy. D. is a registered psychological assistant under the supervision of licensed psychologist, Dr. Leona Kashersky, Psy. D.. Bilingual and bicultural in English and Spanish, Dr. Thomas is a very caring, receptive, insightful, compassionate and experienced counselor. She provides a warm, safe, positive, culturally sensitive, and nurturing and healing environment to help others experience interpersonal acceptance. Dr. Thomas knows that self-acceptance, family acceptance, and community acceptance are key elements in the healing process. She works diligently to support others in developing the wisdom and insight to gain some sense of mastery with difficult processes such as: forgiveness, acceptance, adjustment, awareness, healing of emotional scars, spirituality, discovering new coping skills, lessening negative symptoms, growing emotionally and helping others navigate through life stressors and transitions.

Jennie-Lorena is passionate about working with adults, children, teens, seniors and military veterans. She provides several treatment modalities such as individual, couple, family and group therapies. Dr. Thomas’ services incorporate Cognitive Behavioral, Existential, and Psychodynamic approaches. Her clinical skills and experience have been garnered over the last 7 years through extended practicum and internships. She has served in community mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, counseling clinics, and a neuropsychological clinic. In addition, she has worked in a university setting to provide counseling in pain management and vocational guidance. In her professional experience, she has assisted people with a variety of ailments, such as: mood, adjustment, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, sexual and physical abuse, sexual disorders, body image, gender identity, sexual orientation, chemical and alcohol abuse/dependency, chronic pain, traumatic orthopedic injuries, and head injuries. She is also a skilled evaluator, providing psychological and neurocognitive testing. Through her experience in neuropsychology, Dr. Thomas can also provide medical case management when needed. Prior to completing her doctorate in psychology, Dr. Thomas accrued 14+ years of experience providing rehabilitation/vocational counseling as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

Jennie Lorena’s passion and commitment reside in helping individuals, couples, families and the LGBTIQ community to heal. She is rooted in the beautiful Sacramento community, often volunteering in several support groups and various local community agencies. She aspires to increase awareness about the importance of attending to one’s mental and physical health needs, and addressing the challenges faced by LGBTIQ individuals, allies, and advocates through providing community outreach. Her published doctoral dissertation tackled the controversial, yet timely issues related to life satisfaction and transgender adjustment challenges. Her contributions to the field of psychology assisted in supporting the recent diagnostic changes in the newly published and released Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (fifth edition) on the subject of gender.

Dr. Thomas is excited to be a practitioner, researcher, educator, and advocate at this time in psychology’s development. The findings in her dissertation, among other cutting edge research in the field, have enhanced and advanced our knowledge related to gender and gender identity. These contributions are assisting the LGBTIQ community to lift the acculturative stress of discrimination by depathologizing variations in gender and sexual orientation among the human population. With the diagnostic manual publications presented in 1973 related to gender and sexual orientation, variation in these areas among the human populous was pathologized with the help of biased opinion presented by the field of psychology, rather than empirically sound scientific data. With recent advances in science, and increased public awareness of these advances, the mental health community can better assist the LGBTIQ community and their allies address the challenges of cultural discrimination and its impact on their emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial health. Dr. Thomas is well educated and prepared to assist in all of these areas.

Finally, Dr. Thomas honorably and voluntarily served 20 years in the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer. She is proud of her Hispanic bi-cultural heritage and strong family values, and she is also an avid motorcyclist, gym enthusiast, artist, gardener, and dog lover.