Psy.D. Candidate, Cassandra Vogeli, M.A.

Cassandra Vogeli, Psy.D. Candidate, M.A.

Cassandra Vogeli is a Psy.D. Candidate and has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy. As an avid learner she embraces a wide array of techniques and incorporates different schools of thought to better serve the clients she works with.

Cassandra relates that her passion lies in cultivating and witnessing the incredible growth potential of the human spirit. She considers herself a holistic healer, looking at the entire individual when considering mental health: relational, intrapersonal, spiritual, nutritional, and exercise. Her knowledge allows her to refer her clients out to other experts (i.e. gut health specialists or holistic doctors) in addition to therapy in order to ensure that she is addressing the whole individual.

She is also trained in EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. She finds that EMDR is an incredible tool for unlocking the emotional brain and shifting old core beliefs that remain unchecked and/or no longer serve you. She also reports it to be an incredible tool to help propel individuals forward in their own growth and experience some rapid shifts in their cognitions, reactions or negative beliefs.

Health is a life-long process, and Cassandra believes in looking at every aspect of of an individual to create the solid foundation on which to build and grow. When one adds say, yoga or meditation to their life, their potential for health expands. When one pays attention to the nutrition that is right for their body, it can give the brain the fuel it needs to deal with things from chronic stress to debilitating trauma. When one learns emotion regulation and interpersonal skills, their support system and ability to tolerate discomfort necessary for growth expands. She embraces the drive to be of service. She asserts that health, when approached holistically and mindfully, doesn’t have to feel hopeless.